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» » » The Complete Fitness & Health Masterclass - 21 Courses in 1

The Complete Fitness & Health Masterclass - 21 Courses in 1

The Complete Fitness & Health Masterclass - 21 Courses in 1

MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 48 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + .srt | Duration: 211 lectures (22 hour, 57 mins) | Size: 8.91 GB
The Most Comprehensive Masterclass to Improve Your Mind, Body and Health - Start Growing Today!

What you'll learn
Discover Exactly What "Reverse Aging" IS & HOW It Works!
Learn The SCIENCE & SECRETS Behind Reverse Aging
Discover the MANY Powerful BENEFITS Of Reverse Aging
Learn How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Add MANY Healthy Years To Your Life!
Discover Powerful Anti-Aging Supplements That Can Add YEARS To Your Life!
Discover SECRET Anti-Aging Routines That Turn Back The Clock Every Day
Learn The Hidden SECRETS Of Younger Looking Skin
And Much, Much More...! This Is Just The First Section Of The Training!
No experience required
Suitable for everyone!
If You Only Buy ONE Course This Year ... It GOT To Be This One!
With over 22 hours of video content, downloadable resources and bonuses - this is one of the most comprehensive fitness & health masterclass available!
You'll also get access to:
Lifetime Access to course updates
Fast & Friendly Support in the Q&A section
Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download
To make sure you find the information you are looking for the easiest, we have divided our Masterclass to 14 main sections:
1. Get Your Energy, Youth & Vitality Back!
In this section, you are going to:
Discover Exactly What "Reverse Aging" IS & HOW It Works!
Learn The SCIENCE & SECRETS Behind Reverse Aging
Discover the MANY Powerful BENEFITS Of Reverse Aging
Learn How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Add MANY Healthy Years To Your Life!
Discover Powerful Anti-Aging Supplements That Can Add YEARS To Your Life!
Discover SECRET Anti-Aging Routines That Turn Back The Clock Every Day
Learn The Hidden SECRETS Of Younger Looking Skin
2. Biohacking Secrets
In this section, you are going to:
Discover How Sleep Has A Huge Impact On Your Mind, Body, Health & Longevity
Learn How Activity Impacts WAY More Than Your Muscles & Best Practices
Discover The Importance Of PROTECTING Yourself From Blue Light & The Amazing BENEFITS Of Red Light
Learn The Amazing Benefits Of Mindfulness & Meditation - Astonishing!
Discover What A Secret Therapy Known As "CryoTherapy" Can Do For You!
Discover The Impact Of & Benefits Of What You Put In Your Mouth & Lungs
Learn The POWERFUL Benefits Of Probiotics - You Will Be AMAZED!
3. ZEN Lifestyle
In this section, you are going to:
Discover What Zen Is & How It Can Transform Virtually Every Area Of Your Life
How Zen Can Boost Your Appreciation Of Life
How Zen Can Help You Simplify Your Life & Free You
How To Be Mindful In The Present Moment
Deeper Relaxation And Better Sleep
Gain Greater Health And Vitality
Learn Zen Concepts & Secret Knowledge
Gain Greater Awareness, Insights & Focus
4. Healthy Heart
In this section, you are going to:
Discover What A Heart Attack ACTUALLY Is & What Is Going On
Learn How To Spot a Heart Attack
Learn What The Complications Of A Heart Attack Are & About Follow-up Care
Learn What To Do When A Heart Attack Occurs
Discover The Primary Risk Factors For Heart Disease
Discover How Acceptance Can Be A Powerful Key To Freedom From Anxiety
Learn How To Strengthen Your Heart To Prevent Future Episodes
Learn About Specific Heart Remedies That Can Make A BIG Difference
5. The Secrets To Burning Fat
In this section, you are going to:
Discover which is most important: diet or exercise?
Learn the difference between "good" and "bad" fats
Discover the many mental & physical benefits of healthy living
Learn how substitution is a great way to lose weight ... even without eating less!
Discover how your mindset impacts your weight ... and how it can help you become healthier & happier
Find out how Celebrities stay beautiful, thin & healthy
Learn the hidden secrets of how to curb hunger
Learn some delicious fat burning & detoxing recipes you will love to get you started
Discover the exercises that burn fat & help you beat problem areas
Learn the many benefits and dangers of supplements
You will learn simple ways to detox your body as you lose fat
Learn about the "Yo-Yo Effect" and how to beat it
6. Take Your LIFE & CAREER To The Next Level
In this section, you are going to:
How To BIG Goals That Will Transform Your LIFE!
How To Make REAL Decisions ... Stick To Them ...And GET Results!
Discover The Life Skills That Have The BIGGEST Impact On Your SUCCESS & How You FEEL
Learn That There is NO Such Thing As Failure ... Everything Can Be Used To Move You Forward ... When You Know These Hidden SECRETS!
Discover How To Get More & More Intelligent & Creative Over Time .. With VERY Little Effort
Discover That Nothing Is Impossible ... If You Use The Skills We Share With You In This Course
Learn The Secrets Of How To Program Your Mind To Think Better Than Ever Before!
7. Eating Healthy
In this section, you are going to:
Discover the many mental & physical benefits of healthy eating
Discover how the food pyramid works ... and how it can benefit your health when used the right way
Understand cholesterol ... it is more complicated than you think
Discover how to eat to boost energy & vitality
Learn how to ramp up your immune system
Find out how healthy eating can reduce stress
Uncover how a healthy diet can improve mental health conditions
Discover how healthy eating can reduce or illuminate many ailments
Gain tools & techniques to maintain your new healthy habits
8. Binge-Free Diet
In this section, you are going to:
Discover The Terrifying Fact Food Companies DON'T Want You To Know!
Learn The Science Behind Overeating - What Causes It?
Discover WHY Your Eating Gets Out Of Control & How You Can Beat This!
Learn Signs Of Compulsive Overeating & What To Do
Uncover The 10 Types Of Overeating
Find Out About The Dangers Of Overeating & Solutions
Get Information On How To Overcome An Eating Disorder
Learn Specific Strategies To Prevent Overeating & Lose Weight!
9. Vegan Diet
In this section, you are going to:
Improve your fitness and overall well being
Have better digestion and skin complexion
Save more money on takeouts and junk foods
Feel more energized by shedding off excess weight
Learn ways to begin your vegan journey for better health and performance
Get the list of famous athletes who opt for the vegan lifestyle despite initial criticism
Get simple workout plans for vegans to achieve the lean physique they want
Debunking the myths and misconceptions you might have about vegans
10. Ketogenic Diet
In this section, you are going to:
Learn How To Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine All Day Without Going Into Starvation Mode
How To Eliminate Sugar Spikes For Diabetic People Once And For All
How To Get Higher Mental Focus
How To Increase Energy Level Without Relying On ‘Sugar Rush'
How To Get A Clearer, Healthier And More Glowing Skin In Matter of Weeks
How To Prevent Your Body To Go Into The State Of ‘Hunger'
11. Juicing
In this section, you are going to:
Learn The Science Of Juicing
How To Have More Vegetables Than Humanly Possible And Why It's Good For You
How To Flush Out The Gunk In Your System That's Causing All Kinds Of Illnesses And Problems
Juicing for Energy and Beauty
WHY Store Bought Juices Will Cause Breakouts And Weight Gain
The Difference Between Juicing And Blending
How To Smooth Out Wrinkles And Turn Back Time
How To Turn Pulp Into Healthy Snacks
Detoxing Your Organs For Longer Life
12. Intermittent Fasting
In this section, you are going to:
What Intermittent Fasting Is & How It Can Help You Beat Your Weight Problem ... Even When Other Systems Failed
Learn About The MANY Amazing Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting
Discover The RIGHT Way To Do Intermittent Fasting For The BEST Results
Learn How Intermittent Fasting Can BOOST Your Energy!
Be Shown The Specific Protocols For Intermittent Fasting
Get Special Tips On How To Maximize Your Results
Learn The Secret Of How Intermittent Fasting Can BEAT Your Weight Loss Plateaus!
Bonus Q & A Section On Intermittent Fasting
Look & Feel Amazing!
13. Understanding Yoga
In this section, you are going to:
What Is Yoga & How Can It Help You
Learn About Science Of Yoga & Health Benefits
Discover How Yoga Affects Emotions & The Mind-Body Connection
Learn HOW Yoga Creates Strength, Flexibility, Endurance & Weight Loss
Learn More About Yoga Poses & How Yoga Boosts Immunity
Discover The RIGHT Way To Get Started With Yoga
Learn The Secrets Of Yoga & Meditation ... How You Can Feel Better Than Ever Before!
14. Stretching For Beginners
In this section, you are going to:
Learn The Right Way To Stretch
Unique Techniques To Help You Stretch
MULTIPLE Systems Of Stretching
How To Safely Go At Your Own Pace & Level
How To Get The BEST Results
BONUS - Learn About Special Stretching Tools
15. Functional Fitness Training
In this section, you are going to:
Discover What Is "Functional Fitness"
Learn How To Stay Fit ... Without Killing Yourself
Discover Simple Daily Ways To Stay Fit That Take Minimal Effort To Do
Learn How To Stay Fit Without Expensive Gym Memberships Or Equipment
Discover How Much BETTER You can Feel & Look ... Without Straining Yourself
Find Out How Simple Habits Make a HUGE Difference Over Time!
Learn How To Gently Build Strength, Stamina and Mobility
Learn About The Common Mistakes People Make With Functional Fitness
Discover How Functional Fitness Can Boost Increase Your Flexibility, Balance & Range Of Motion
Learn How Functional Fitness Can Improve Your Immune System & Lifespan
You Will Learn Simple Ways To Stay Fit & Keep The Weight Off
Learn How To Feel Better Than You Have In Years And Slow The Aging Process
16. Kettlebell Fitness Training
In this section, you are going to:
Discover amazing & unique benefits of kettlebell workouts
Learn how to get the right kettlebell for you & your goals
Discover how kettlebells can help you burn fat - Fast!
Understand the common kettlebell mistakes and how to avoid them & prevent injuries
Find out how kettlebells tone, strengthen and build muscles in unique ways
Discover how kettlebells can improve your form & results when lifting
Find out how kettlebell fitness training can dramatically build your core strength
Be shown 6 ways to use your kettlebells that can transform your body
Learn specific kettlebell tips & tricks to dramatically boost your results
Be shown a step-by-step beginners workout program you can start with today!
You will learn why proper form is crucial to getting maximum results
Gain "done-for-you" beginner, intermediate & advanced workout programs
17. Muscle & Strength Building
In this section, you are going to:
Discover How To Create a Powerful Muscle Building Mindset
Learn How To Select The Muscle Building Supplements that Really Work
Learn How Create Your Muscle Building Diet For Maximum Gains
Discover How To Build a Powerful Chest & Biceps
Find Out How To Get Amazing Shoulders & Rock-Hard Abs
Learn To STOP Your Own Negative Thoughts & Self-Sabotage
Find Out How Celebrities Build Muscle And Get Sexy & Strong!
Discover Muscle Building Secrets For Vegans & Vegetarians
18. Increase Your Muscle Mass
In this section, you are going to:
Discover How To Develop The Mindset Of A Champion
How To Workout For Increasing Muscle Mass
Discover The "Power Building Lifestyle"
Find The Best Fitness Apps
Discover The Best Supplements For Boosting Muscle Fast
Find Out Why Cardio Is Great For Muscle Building & Strength
Learn How To Track Your Progress Properly
Learn The Proper Diet For Increasing Muscle Mass
19. Mindfulness Meditation
In this section, you are going to:
Discover How Mindfulness Meditation Can Reduce PAIN By 50 To 90%
Discover How Mindfulness Meditation Can Boost Mood & Alleviate Anxiety & Depression
Learn How Mindfulness Meditation Can Boost Your Focus Dramatically
Learn How Mindfulness Meditation Can Improve Sexual Performance
Discover How Mindfulness Meditation Can Reduce Stress & Improve Your Quality Of Life & Your Career
Find Out How Mindfulness Meditation Boost Immunity & Over-All Health
Learn How Mindfulness Meditation Can Make You Stronger & More Resilient
Discover How Mindfulness Meditation Boosts Creativity & Productivity
Learn How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Sleep Better & Reduce Muscle Tension Dramatically
Find Out How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help You Deal With Past Pain & Nagging Issues
20. Eczema Solution
In this section, you are going to:
Discover The Secrets Of Beating Eczema Itch
Learn About The Powerful Connection Between Your Emotions & Eczema
Discover How Simple Meditation Can Dramatically Improve Your Condition
Learn Great Home Remedies To Beat Eczema & Itch
Discover The How The RIGHT Creams, Supplements & Light Therapy Can Help You Beat Eczema & Itch
Learn How To Properly Care For Your Skin In Many Ways
Find Out How To Cope With Eczema & What Really Helps
Learn How To Allergy-Proof Your Home
Tips For How To Deal With Your Child Having Eczema
Discover The Link Between Food Allergies & Eczema
Uncover The Powerful Link Between Eczema & Stress And How To Beat It
Learn About How Diet Can Make a HUGE Difference
21. Insomnia Solution
In this section, you are going to:
Learn About The Different TYPES Of Insomnia
Learn The Negative Effects Of Insomnia
Discover What Recent Science & Studies How Discovered About Insomnia
Learn How The Mind Of An Insomniac Works & How This Can Help You
Debunk The Many Myths About Insomnia & What Causes Sleep Disturbance
Discover Both Natural & Artificial Remedies For Insomnia
Discover How Medication Can Both Help & Hurt
Learn How Light & Environment Has A Huge Impact On Sleep, Several Ways
Learn How To Better Prepare For Sleep & How To Turn Off Your Mind
Learn How to PREVENT Insomnia
Discover The Secrets Of DEEP Sleep
Find Out How To Program Your Mind For Sleep
+1: Lifetime Access to Future Updates!
PS - Study This Course Carefully ... And You Will Have An Unfair Advantage For Life In Virtually Every Area Of Your Life ... Amazing!
Who this course is for:
Personal Development / Health Enthusiasts
Coaches / Personal Trainers
Athletes / Dieters / Dancers / Martial Artists
The Complete Fitness & Health Masterclass - 21 Courses in 1

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